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vkgoeswild - Live from Königsstein im Taunus
Begin: 2015-08-20T18:30:00Z oclock
End: 2015-08-20T20:00:00Z oclock
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Burg Königsstein, Königsstein im Taunus / DE

The classical pianist prodigy Viktoriya Yermolyeva aka Vkgoeswild, has spread her cover versions of Rock/Pop/Metal classics millionfold over youtube and played herself at the top of the international piano elite.

#Vikagoeslivyu at 7 pm german time live and direct from castle Königsstein.

Award Winning Metal/Classical Pianist and Internet Star Vkgoeswild demonstrates in an impressiv manner the artistic skill set that is necessary to bang your head to piano tunes.

Vikas Heavy-Metal cover versions of Rock/Pop/Metal classics spread millionfold over the net. Reason enough to give her fans around the globe the opportunity to join her via Live Stream, at this exclusive moment when Metal meets Classic at the over 1200 years old castle Königsstein.

You shouldn´t miss out on this one in a lifetime experience that will bring you up close to vika as she performes her most succesful set ever played.
For our first 5000 viewers the stream will be free of charge.
And for those who come late or can not be there for the Live Stream we have suprise for you, just stay tuned.

  • watch the show live in 4k enjoy the best music live
  • fair and legal we love good music and want to share it with you
  • bonus & specials closer than live
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  • VKgoeswild Concert - as Video on Demand now online

    Hello Guys,

    the live version from yesterday ist online for you 2 watch for free.

    Additional during the next couple of weeks we bring out for you an recut of the event together with an exclusive peek behind the scenes.

    A short resumé of the transmission difficulties we went trough yesterday..

    After we had to change the fixed concert location on short notice we were not capable to supply the castle with an redundant Internet Connection. We had to trust on just one Satellit Uplink which wasn't stable enough for FullHD. We are really sorry for your inconvenience since you just want to have a good time by watching a concert.

    We learned our lessons and from now one we do not trust on just one option.

    We are working hard to fix existing bugs so user experience will never be disturbed again.

    Again thank you for your countless E-Mails and many comments that you left with us.

    Those informations will help to create the Live Streaming Concert Service we all been looking for.

    As a small token of our appreciation we will give away vouchers for one of the next Live Streaming Concert of your choice to every registered user from yesterdays event.

    Thank you so much Vika for the astonishing concert we experienced last night and we wish you and your fans a lot of fun with the stream. Enjoy!

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