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Lil Xan

Ferropolis, Graefenhainichen / DE

splash! 21 concert stream

Experience his performance in our breathtaking 4k On Demand stream.
Hosted by Hadnet Tesfai.

One might think that Lil Xan is just another Xanax infused rapper crawling out of the soundcloud bubble, but the California rapper is much more than that. With the breakout song “Betrayed” Lil Xan made clear that he doesn’t want to be part of the spiral anymore. To be clear about that he drops hits by the minute. “Far” and “Slingshot” are just two of a playlist that he will proudly perform at this year’s splash!. His hypnotizing hooks will get you straight away. So keep in mind: “Xans don’t make you. Xans gon‘ take you. Xans gon‘ fake you. Xans gon‘ betray you.” So get up and buy the 4k On Demand concert stream right now. It is worth every penny. To make the party last even longer, follow up with Junglepussy and go wild!

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Our concert stream always offers the best entertainment.

Why? Because we value the real live event feeling. Audiovisual and in form and content. That means that we only produce concerts in high end solution for you. Starting by using 4k camera systems and direct satellite uplinks to get the best signal to your device. You can choose to stream our concerts in 4k or HD. At splash! festival we used eight cameras to guaranty the best view possible on stage. As a online concert hall we also offer you a lot more content, than just the show itself. Our streams always have a host that lead through the program. So, you will also find interviews and backstage insights, long before the artists step up on stage. With this extra content we get you closer to your stars that ir would be possible at a regular concert. Just like our slogan: closer than live. All that is available in 4k and best sound quality. So get your streaming ticket and rock out with your best mates and girls! To give you a taste of what you get, you can watch some free concert streams at our event page. These free streams are not available in 4k and do nit come with an interview. But they let you know what awaits you in our Pay Per View streams, where you will get the real 4k concert experience.

Why do our concert streaming ticket cost between 4,99 and 14,99 EUR?

Like at any other concert, many people work hard to make the concert streams possible. Sometimes months before the party goes down. Also we chare the whole revenue with the artists, the labels and of course the organizers of the show. Like this every penny is divided fair between every who is responsible for the show to happen in the first place. So, functions just like a regular concert hall that you have to pay for, only on the internet and available for everyone and for a small price. There for you get exclusive 4k concert streams and a whole lot of interesting extra content. Without waiting or sold out tickets. Always with the best view and the hottest news form backstage.