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local heroes Bundesfinale - Live from Salzwedel
Begin: 2017-11-11T17:00:00Z oclock

local heroes Bundesfinale Live from Salzwedel

Salzwedel, Salzwedel / DE
  • local heroes

Starting into the 12th. season, this years contests finalists will play to win the title "Germanys best newcomer band 2017". Each band has 30 min stagetime and you can vote who is going to be the one!

The local heroes contest is Europe's biggest, best and most important newcomer contest and one of a kind. In more than five countries the local heroes offer bands a professional entry into Europe's high class music business. Germany's first final took place in 2007. Since then the contest gets bigger and enjoys more attention by the music scene every year. As one of Europe's most recognized events for new comers, major labels follow it with big interest and the general attention has never been higher. With well established partners and godfathers the content persuades with its significance, longtime experience and professional position. This year the local heroes contest will be streamed live in full length for the first time. livyu broadcasts the whole show, every band and all interviews live. We also have some really exciting extras and information all around your favorite band, that you should not miss. Support your local heroes and step into the national final 2017, only at livyu.

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