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DieLochis - Live from Zürich
Begin: 2017-05-20T16:00:00Z oclock
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DieLochis Live from Zürich

Volkshaus, Zürich / CH
  • DieLochis

#BFFstreamingNight - DieLochis, comedians, musicians, YouTube superstars. #ZWILLING. Only on livyu and in our exclusive live stream. On May the 20th we present a whole day with Heiko and Roman in Zurich. Stay tuned.

On May the 20th the two brothers will make a hold in Zurich an perform their #ZWILLING show live at the sold out Volkshaus. Not only will we present you the show itself, but a whole day with Heiko and Roman. You always wanted to know what the two are doing before a show and how they prepare their sets? You want to watch our exclusive meet & greet or experience what's on when they enter the stage? livyu offers you all of that and gives you a unique insight into the life of die Lochis. Watch our live stream and get closer to the brothers than ever before. On their current tour die Lochis present the new album #ZWILLING. With a phenomenal live show and some pretty cool surprises the brothers play their newest and greatest hits on their biggest tour yet. We get you right into the middle of everything and present die Lochis in our high quality stream and with a lot of extra material. Be part of it and log in to experience more. Only on livyu.

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