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  • watch the show live in 4k enjoy the best music live
  • fair and legal we love good music and want to share it with you
  • bonus & specials closer than live
Behind the scenes

+LookBehind the scenes

Enter the backstage area! Have a look at what is behind the stage. Feel the energy and anticipation of your star and his crew right before the concert.
Fair and legal

+Enjoyit fair & legal

We love music and we love our artists. That's why we don't pay peanuts but a fair share. It is important for us to have fair conditions for our artists and fans.

Of course every concert is a legal stream. At least when you are 18 years old and own a paid ticket or voucher.

Exclusive interviews


Have you kicked one heels too before a concert? Here you get something before the first tone leaves the amp. Our team and hosts report live on-site. And they also get your star in front of their camera.

What is livyu?

livyu ist the new online concert hall for everyone who loves live music. On you get 4k concert streams and the best music entertainment available online. Live and On Demand. Instead of expensive ticket prices you will find the real deal for a fraction of the regular deal. Our streaming ticket prices vary between 4,99 EUR and 14,99 EUR. Our streams are available in breathtaking 4k solution to guaranty the best live music experience possible. Of course, our streams are available in regular HD if your device is not ready for 4k. In addition to every show we go backstage and you what is going on behind the scenes. Without any borders and always as close as possible. What you get is exactly what you wish for. Plus exclusive interviews and other interesting insights in the shows. So, if you want o go to your favorite live show but it is sold out already, our concert streams are just right for you, because you get much more, than just a show. Our live and On Demand streams are available on pretty much every device with excess to the internet. PC, Mac, mobile or smart TV, you name it. As a staff pick we recommend our splash! 21 festival stream in our events section.

Check it out and get your streaming ticket now!

Your advantages is an easy to use website with a logic interface and transparent price structures. Just browse through our events section, choose a streaming ticket, book it and experience the show. No matter if you want to watch it live or On Demand. Pretty easy, right? livyu ist he only platform that offers high quality Pay Per View concert streams. So, this page is the easiest way to get as much live action as you wish for. No stress, impossible timings or high prices. To top it of, you don’t have to wait in line ever again. No more standing in the last line without seeing what is going on on stage. Get comfy and get your streaming ticket on

  • Top nodge 4k and HD quality
  • Best stage sound quality
  • Concert streams Live and On Demand
  • Exclusive interviews and backstage insights
  • Concert streaming tickets are always available
  • Easy shop system
  • Fair pricing
  • Always best live music
  • Free registration
  • Free concert streams to test the real deal

Here you can check out the program: "

Why are our concert streams the best alternative to a real concert

You know the problem of going to a popular live concert. Tickets are very expensive or already sold out. The shows are too far away, meaning that you have to plan a trip and book a hotel room. Or your schedule is so tight, that you just can’t go to the show. If you finally made it to the show anyways you have to wait in line and end up standing in the last row insight the venue. What you see is the back of the head of the person standing in front of you. Not the artist you came to see. We love live concerts but know the problems too well. So, if you want to experience live concerts without stress, offers you concert streaming. Live and On Demand. Having a concert party in your living room, your garden or your party room? No problem. Our concert streams guaranty the best live entertainment possible. Captured and streamed directly on stage. Invite your friends, pump up the volume and experience your favorite musicians at home like you never did before. We work with 4k Arri cameras that normally are used for Hollywood movies. Like this, livyu delivers high end concert movies directly to your home. So get ready for the real live action concert feeling. Before the show starts, we take you backstage and show you more exiting content, while everyone else is still waiting. Our hosts lead you through the whole program, do exclusive interviews with the artists and let you have a look in what is happening backstage. Sometimes one is not sure if a show is the right thing to do. Our concert streams are the best way to find out. Buy a concert streaming ticket, see the show, love it and then visit the band when they hit your town. You can watch all of our concert streams right away. Check out our Event page and have a look wich show is the one for you. For all fans of rap music, we recommend our splash! festival concert streams. You will find US rappers like Rich Brian Rich Brian, Lil Xan and Playboi Carti.We also offer German Rappers like Vega, Haze, Errdeka and more. If pop music or piano tunes are your thing check out the DieLochis Stream or Hauschkas lovely Concert Stream from Berlin .

Who is for

For everyone who loves live concerts and especially for those with limited money, time and possibilities to visit concerts. livyu offers concert streams for every genre and every age. No matter if you like classic, pop or rap music. We frequently add new concert from every genre to our event page and offer the right entertainment for every live music fan. In breathtaking 4k live and of course On Demand as well. Our concert streaming tickets are always available and never sold out. If you want to know a little more about check out what the CONNECT magazine has to say. Also Start Up Valley wrote something about and explained our system pretty accurate.

So, if you love live music and always what to be part of the show, no matter when or where you are, this is the right page for you. Concert streams in high end 4k quality, interviews and a whole bunch of extra content that get you closer to your star. Closer than live.

Get started right away and visit our event page. Our Pay Per View concert streams are just a view clicks away. If you want to try it out before you buy your first concert streaming ticket, you will find some free concert streams after you registration. We have Lil Dicky previously unreleased splash! festival show waiting for you. Go for it and have fun. It is hilarious and absolute fun to watch.

The livyu stream and what it has to offer

livyu stands for high quality and exclusive concert streams for everyone who loves live music. That means, that you will always get the best live music online experience, by purchasing a liyvu concert streaming ticket. We strictly work with the newest equipment and therefor always offer you the best possible live entertainment. Captured in 4k and with the best stage sound available. Live and On Demand. Our concert streams are hosted by our moderators that take you backstage where they do interviews and show you what is going back there. All in all you will get the real deal for just a little money, because our concert streaming tickets are already available from just 4,99 EUR. livyu has no specific genre, so it offers live music for everyone. You want to go live right now?

Follow this link and have a look at our streaming program.